July 2011: “Impromptu” Photoshoot in the Park

All of my friends know I love taking photos. Some of my friends are always ready to work a pose, while others try to evade the camera by complaining that they’re not photogenic, and whining that they were not aware I was planning on taking photos that day… even though I had reminded them several times the day before. Regardless, the latter friends are blatant liars; all of my friends look AMAZING in photos, and I will make them embrace this reality sooner or later!

Here are a few shots taken at the local park by my home. In the background you’ll see the beautiful Saddleback Mountains, and in the foreground you’ll see the only friend who was willing to strike a pose – Erin. There’s a reason why we’ve been joined at the hip for almost 15 years – and I think this is one of them. 🙂 To the other friend who was a party to this photoshoot yet refused to cooperate: We will have an exclusive photoshoot for you later. Just you wait.


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