Sushi Night with my Dad

My family has been going to pretty much the same two sushi restaurants in the area for the last several years. Tonight, my dad and I decided to break away from routine and try a different restaurant in the area, called Sake Sushi. I had been there once before and enjoyed it, but for some reason kept sticking to my usual places and never went back. But tonight, I realized that I think it’s high time to add Sake Sushi to our usual mix of Japanese restaurants — the sushi was awesome! I ordered the cucumber roll, and the Popcorn Lobster Roll, which is basically a California Roll base with fried baby lobster on top. My dad got the Margarita Roll, which had spicy crab, avocado, and cucumber, with a albacore, yellowtail, and spicy ponzu sauce on top. I specifically ordered this for him, knowing that he likes his food on the spicy side! Needless to say, we polished our plates, and left satisfied! Oh, and unlike the other sushi restaurants we’ve been going to, Sake Sushi finishes the meal by giving its customers delicately shaped orange slices. Awesome.


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