Beach Days, December 2013

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a prosperous and exciting 2014! 🙂

Here are some shots I took last month while my family from the East Coast was visiting with us. We spent the day at Treasure Island in Laguna Beach — it was our first time exploring this beach and it was just excellent! So serene and beautiful. Will definitely be making a trip back there soon. 🙂






Backyard Silhouette, Spring 2012

My friend Liyna’s dad in the backyard as the sun was about to set — taken last April. I really want to practice taking more silhouette photos – I love the vibe.


Dana Point Hike: Beach & Silhouette Photography

This past winter, my family took a hike on a trail that my mom discovered in Dana Point. My mom has a knack for finding gorgeous locations to walk, and this was no different. We got panoramic views of the ocean, and with 70 degree weather in December (God bless California!), the day was beautiful on all counts. I got to practice taking some silhouette shots, which turned out pretty good for my first true try if I do say so myself!