Sunday Breakfast: Mama’s Deluxe Pancakes

For at least the last five years, my mom has designated Sunday as pancake breakfast day. These aren’t just your everyday pancakes, though. She mixes fresh blueberries in the batter, and gives the pancakes a gourmet topping: Lightly sauteed banana slices, as well as a toasted coconut/pecan/almond mix, with of course a drizzle of maple syrup. Makes me wish everyday were Sunday! IHOP, meet your competition.


Sushi Night with my Dad

My family has been going to pretty much the same two sushi restaurants in the area for the last several years. Tonight, my dad and I decided to break away from routine and try a different restaurant in the area, called Sake Sushi. I had been there once before and enjoyed it, but for some reason kept sticking to my usual places and never went back. But tonight, I realized that I think it’s high time to add Sake Sushi to our usual mix of Japanese restaurants — the sushi was awesome! I ordered the cucumber roll, and the Popcorn Lobster Roll, which is basically a California Roll base with fried baby lobster on top. My dad got the Margarita Roll, which had spicy crab, avocado, and cucumber, with a albacore, yellowtail, and spicy ponzu sauce on top. I specifically ordered this for him, knowing that he likes his food on the spicy side! Needless to say, we polished our plates, and left satisfied! Oh, and unlike the other sushi restaurants we’ve been going to, Sake Sushi finishes the meal by giving its customers delicately shaped orange slices. Awesome.

A Trip to Syrup in Downtown Los Angeles

This President’s Day weekend, my awesome friend Hadeer and I happened to be in the Downtown LA area for an event. After the event was over, we decided to take an adventure to the dessert cafe Syrup, also in the Downtown area, to satisfy our sweet tooth. It was definitely worth it! Hadeer enjoyed a mixed berry waffle with a berry ice cream and whipped cream topping, and I sipped up a nice cup of hazelnut hot chocolate. I think it was Nutella based if I’m not mistaken (can you see a trend developing? :)) Anyway, here are a couple photos from our dessert tastings!

Dessert at Bruxie

This past December, I made a trip with my friend Grace to this waffle shack in Orange called Bruxie. I had seen my friends take delicious looking photos of their own Bruxie desserts, so I knew I had to check this place out and try it for myself! What I got was actually not on the menu, much to my surprise. It was a strawberry Nutella waffle – but on the menu, all they had was a banana Nutella waffle. I asked them to substitute strawberries for bananas and they gladly did… But seriously?! No strawberry option? Isn’t Bruxie aware of the classic combo of Nutella and strawberries? Regardless, the final product was delicious, and I ate every bite!! I will definitely be heading back there soon.


Tritia in the Summertime

Last summer, me and a few friends spent some time in San Juan Capistrano. The occasion was my dear friend Grace’s surprise 22nd birthday get together, which we celebrated at a quaint teahouse in the heart of town. I didn’t even realize until I uploaded the photos later that evening that quite a few of the portrait photos ended up being of Tritia – one of the co-conspirators in the surprise birthday plan. Tritia is such a beautiful person, whose infectious humor can make anyone roll with laughter. The following are a few photos of her from that fun afternoon!

Photo Safari with Rani

The one and only Groupon deal I’ve taken advantage of thus far was a photography seminar/safari event that took place this past summer. My good friend Rani and I decided to go together in hopes of gaining more understanding of all the intense features that come with our DSLRs, and I think all in all we learned a lot! My favorite part of the day was when the teacher had us go in the courtyard area of the hotel and let us practice what we’d learned during the seminar. I seized the opportunity to take photos of Rani, whose beauty inside and out (God bless her!) shows up exquisitely on camera. Here are some of those shots.

July 2011: “Impromptu” Photoshoot in the Park

All of my friends know I love taking photos. Some of my friends are always ready to work a pose, while others try to evade the camera by complaining that they’re not photogenic, and whining that they were not aware I was planning on taking photos that day… even though I had reminded them several times the day before. Regardless, the latter friends are blatant liars; all of my friends look AMAZING in photos, and I will make them embrace this reality sooner or later!

Here are a few shots taken at the local park by my home. In the background you’ll see the beautiful Saddleback Mountains, and in the foreground you’ll see the only friend who was willing to strike a pose – Erin. There’s a reason why we’ve been joined at the hip for almost 15 years – and I think this is one of them. 🙂 To the other friend who was a party to this photoshoot yet refused to cooperate: We will have an exclusive photoshoot for you later. Just you wait.