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Alessandra: My Beautiful Italian Friend

I had the pleasure of getting to know Alessandra, an exchange student from Italy, over the last few months as we diligently worked on her comparative article on American and Italian copyright law for the Law Forum Alumni Journal. I knew before going into this process that I would be in for a wonderful learning experience, and not only was I right, but I made an amazing friend along the way. Alessandra, it’s been an AWESOME (and fast!) last few months working together, and I’ve loved getting to know you for the warm, friendly, and radiant person that you are. I miss you already, but I know that you will make your way back to sunny California before we know it!! 🙂

Below are some photos from an afternoon we spent together in the Social Sciences area of UCI’s campus.


Tritia in the Summertime

Last summer, me and a few friends spent some time in San Juan Capistrano. The occasion was my dear friend Grace’s surprise 22nd birthday get together, which we celebrated at a quaint teahouse in the heart of town. I didn’t even realize until I uploaded the photos later that evening that quite a few of the portrait photos ended up being of Tritia – one of the co-conspirators in the surprise birthday plan. Tritia is such a beautiful person, whose infectious humor can make anyone roll with laughter. The following are a few photos of her from that fun afternoon!

Photo Safari with Rani

The one and only Groupon deal I’ve taken advantage of thus far was a photography seminar/safari event that took place this past summer. My good friend Rani and I decided to go together in hopes of gaining more understanding of all the intense features that come with our DSLRs, and I think all in all we learned a lot! My favorite part of the day was when the teacher had us go in the courtyard area of the hotel and let us practice what we’d learned during the seminar. I seized the opportunity to take photos of Rani, whose beauty inside and out (God bless her!) shows up exquisitely on camera. Here are some of those shots.

July 2011: “Impromptu” Photoshoot in the Park

All of my friends know I love taking photos. Some of my friends are always ready to work a pose, while others try to evade the camera by complaining that they’re not photogenic, and whining that they were not aware I was planning on taking photos that day… even though I had reminded them several times the day before. Regardless, the latter friends are blatant liars; all of my friends look AMAZING in photos, and I will make them embrace this reality sooner or later!

Here are a few shots taken at the local park by my home. In the background you’ll see the beautiful Saddleback Mountains, and in the foreground you’ll see the only friend who was willing to strike a pose – Erin. There’s a reason why we’ve been joined at the hip for almost 15 years – and I think this is one of them. 🙂 To the other friend who was a party to this photoshoot yet refused to cooperate: We will have an exclusive photoshoot for you later. Just you wait.